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August 31, 2024
The conference program includes a unique geological excursion with access to the waters of Lake Baikal on the research vessel LIN SB RAS. The legendary ship bears the name of the great limnologist - the founder of the Baikal Limnological Station - Gleb Yuryevich Vereshchagin.
From the R/V Vereshchagin you will be given a master class on sampling sediments from accumulations of gas hydrates in areas of hydrocarbon fluid discharge at the bottom of Lake Baikal.
You will become a participant in real marine field work. Plunge into the atmosphere and feel the romance of marine geologists. Get acquainted with the procedure and features of geological sampling when studying submarine gas hydrates. You will see and hold natural gas hydrates in your hands. Learn to identify the presence of gas hydrates in sediment cores on board. You will be able to observe with your own eyes the gas seeping out from the bottom of the lake.
An unforgettable experience awaits you!
The picturesque views of Lake Baikal will not leave you indifferent.
An exclusive photo session with the largest steering wheel of Lake Baikal, and, of course, burning ice - gas hydrates!
The most majestic lake in the world - the "sacred sea Baikal" - is waiting for you!
You can apply to participate in the excursion by filling out the registration form on the conference website.
Applications are no longer accepted!
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